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How to get there

bull.gif About the location


Valkenburg is situated on the A79 (the road between Maastricht and Heerlen) in the most southern part of the Netherlands.
This A79 is the east-west link between:
The road that goes from Liege (in Belgium) north to e.g. Eindhoven - Utrecht - Amsterdam, the E25/A2 and the road that goes from Aachen (in Germany) also north to Eindhoven etc. , the E313/A76

Just to make it easier for you to check
  1. - how many KM you would have to drive
  2. - how long it will take you to get to Valkenburg
here you can find the bull.gif Route planner just click...
Just fill in your address (anywhere in Europe) and hit the button...
It will give you the exact info about distance and driving time.

"It is a long drive but it is worth coming, I'll be back next year... " I have been told many times!!

On the A79 you can choose either : exit 3|Valkenburg coming from the direction Maastricht, or exit 4|Hulsberg coming from the direction Heerlen.
You will find a citymap on any major road entering the town…

Polfermolen P 2.JPG
When you follow P POLFERMOLEN you will end up in the parking "Polfermolen"



  • PRINS BERNHARDLAAN    for the parking lot "Polfermolen" as a visitor or dealer...
  • PLENKERTSTRAAT       for the doors of "Polfermolen" = for unloading only!


Valkenburg has a train station where trains arrive from and depart for both Maastricht and Heerlen. About 2 times per hour each direction.

Tickets should be bought before departure, tickets bought on trains cost much more.

The train ticket vending machines look complicated and are with dutch instructions only. Although there is a button for English, which could be helpful.
The ticket-office can help you better, and if you contact the train attendant he/she may be helpful as well.

Fare price for this 12 minutes / 11 KM long trip from and to Maastricht is ± Euro 5.00 for a return ticket. From Heerlen, 13 KM it costs a bit more.

Fare price for a 3 hour trip from Amsterdam is ±Euro 30.00 for a single ticket. A regular return ticket cannot be used, since it is valid only on the same day…

You can however - for your convenience only - buy a return ticket ahead. Ticket office can pre-date it for you with date of the day you wish to travel back…

Also non dated tickets can be bought, but you will have to validate them before getting on the train on your way back…

The so called "Weekendretour" is cheaper than 2 single tickets (
±Euro 45.00) but allows you to travel only from Friday evening 19.00 till Sunday evening late,

resp. Monday till 04.00 in the morning...

You are advised to check Dutch Railways (NS) Web site: http://www.ns.nl/cs/satellite/travellers for the exact timetable and price. There is an English language button.

*) prices are estimates and may change any time.



Many people - both collectors and dealers - will arrive by plane as well.
Looking at the map of this part of Europe, one can see that Maastricht/Valkenburg is situated almost right in the middle of the triangle of major airports
from Amsterdam - Bruxelles (Belgium) - Düsseldorf (Germany). Even Cologne/Bonn may be considered. As well as Eindhoven Airport (Netherlands) and Weeze Airport (Germany)


Amsterdam/Schiphol airport:
This is the most convenient destination. You don't really need a rental car, unless you have lots of goods to carry or have other plans too.
By train you can arrive within 3 hours in Valkenburg (see "By train")

Bruxelles/Zaventem airport:
Is very convenient if you get yourself a rental car and drive in the direction of Maastricht…
By train you go into the direction of Liege (Belgium) and change for Maastricht, then 10 minutes direction Heerlen for Valkenburg… but that takes longer than by car…

Düsseldorf or Cologne/Bonn airports:
As far as I know these are only convenient if you get yourself a rental car and drive in the direction of Aachen…
By train you also go direction of Aachen, then Heerlen and Maastricht for Valkenburg. But that may take much longer.

Some may use the Airport Eindhoven or Weeze Airport both as a very good alternative.
First one is about 1-1,5 hour away from Valkenburg. The other one some 2 hours...

Eindhoven is an easy bus-train connection. Rental car is advised for Weeze.
The advantage of choosing these airports is the wide choice in many destinations all over Europe,
usually from smaller airports too, because the connections are by low cost air companies. 
A quick glance on the arrivals/departures listing of Eindhoven Airport e.g. shows destinations such as:
     London, Bristol, Dublin, Milano and Roma, Marseille, Madrid and Barcelona, Stockholm, Budapest, Prague and Katowice... maybe more too.
    Apart from several typical holiday destinations such as Budrum and Tenerifa.

The general page of Weeze Airport lists destinations all over Europe... not all from and to Eindhoven or Weeze however.
You may have to book for one of the other airports used by such companies as Ryan Air.
Charleroi (Belgium) e.g. near Maastricht too, but no convenient public transport from there to Valkenburg.
Also Liege (Belgium) too, has an airport. Mostly for holiday charters. Maybe something to look into also.

Also I got the impression it is mostly Ryan Air offering these connections...
Wizz Air has announced more destination in Eastern Europe too. Check their web site.
Also Hamburg International has connections with other European airports, mainly holiday destinations. But also Berlin.

Have a nice flight!

I did what I could to complete this information in great detail.
The listed information was found on various web sites...
but the info may change also.

I am in no way responsible for any problems resulting from this page..
It is up to you to verify the travel information yourself!


If you do not know if you need a visa to enter the Netherlands, please check with the embassy or consulate in your country.

Like any other country, the Netherlands have their customs regulations. If you arrive from outside the EU/Schengen countries you may not only need a visa but also will have to declare goods.

Please check this out yourself before you leave. It is your own responsability

also the (European) 10.000 Euro declaration law is something to look into...

10000 Euro+.jpg

"Entrance to & exit from the EU (European Union countries)"

Every visitor entering or departing from the European Union carrying more than (the equivalent of) Euro 10.000 (ten thousand) IS OBLIGED BY LAW to fill in a form, specifying the currencies he or she is carrying AT THE FIRST POINT OF ENTRY INTO THE EU. The forms will be supplied by customs..    
or being downloaded from Internet before departing.
This link is to English version of the form. Other languages forms can be found after searching in the Internet for "European Community" and "1889/05" which is the number of the form.

A copy of this form is given to the
the declaring party, in some countries stamped, in others not.  When leaving the EU the same procedure is followed.
Apart from that there are still some old rules not replaced by later EU rules for some European countries
with less or more Euros...(e.g. Cyprus +, Portugal -/-)  
(So far for European UNION....)

For visitors who carry many different currencies (!) it is recommended to produce a specification of currencies and their equivalent value in Euro's before their arrival and to attach this specification to their declaration.

Sample form :currency declaration - front.JPG
Attention is drawn to the fact that at Schiphol (Amsterdam) Airport, "money dogs" are patroling which are trained to find cash money.

Undeclared amounts CAN BE seized for investigation and reporting to a number of government bodies which occupy themselves with terrorism, money laundering, prohibited drugs and evasion of taxes.

ATTENTION: we are talking about VALID currency from whatever country!

It is ONLY ILLEGAL NOT to declare it.

People leaving the EU via Schiphol/Amsterdam are advised to go to the desk opposite EXIT D10 to declare. Calculate another 1-2 hours for the process.
This is for your information, in an attempt to help you to avoid serious problems at the border.. which may ruin your trip to Valkenburg and more...  not to scare you.

Over the past 20 and more years I have heard about very very few problems with customs and declaring goods. On average customs officials in the Netherlands are very cooperative and understanding. But that is no rule…

My personal opinion is, that it is all depending on the person you display when being stopped and approached at either green or red zone… Going through green zone with material that you are supposed to declare and being stopped may of course change the attitude of the customs-officer… and result in a lot of trouble, paperwork, delays and fines.

In this matter I can only say, do what you think you should do, to your own best knowledge… so that you do not have to regret anything.
I was in that situation myself many years ago once and I was not happy afterwards…

The organisation cannot and will not be involved in problems resulting from not declaring goods.