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Why would it be a good idea to bring your family with you?

  • If you do not like to travel alone,
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  • if you want to share this trip with your family,
  • if you want to combine this trip with a holiday trip,
  • or for whatever other reason you or I can think of…
          why not bring your partner or family with you?

If you bring your wife, partner or even the children, and she does/they do not want to keep you company all day at "that boring bourse", there are plenty of things for them to do as well. If the wife likes shopping, then there are several possibilities. One of them is going to Maastricht, where she will find plenty of shops in all price ranges… It is a very enjoyable town. It is called "The Paris of the North"…. Why not come and see for yourself why it is called that name?

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If you bring your children too, there are various ways for them to spend time in a pleasant way. For the youngest ones there is a children's fun-park opposite the road of the "Polfermolen". It is called "De Valkenier". In this park children will find over a dozen attractions and the entrance fee covers all. Easily accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs. With a restaurant and of course a souvenir shop. It has the lowest entrance fee for such a fun attraction in the country.Only open for summer season starting with Easter.

address: Koningswinkelstraat 53 - Valkenburg a/d Geul
Phone: **31-(0)43-601 2289 fax: **31-(0)43-601 2682
web-site: http://www.pretpark-de-valkenier.nl/ and e-mail: mail@pretpark-de-valkenier.nl

Also in some "caves" in Valkenburg, there are various attractions. Such as a mining museum and a Dinosaur attraction as well. See for details below....

But due to the early season not all attractions may be open yet...
Sorry, I have no influence on that.

Right on the hill there is the ruins of the former castle, going up there you can have a great view over the area.. It once was the one and only castle on a high hill in the whole of the Netherlands... It offers demonstrations with birds of prey and offers cool beers and meals as well. The also well known Fluweelengrot (Velvet Cave) is nearby. Mural paintings, sculptures and even a chappel from WWII period. You can easily find all this: Grendelplein 13 in Valkenburg... near the medieval gate. 
www.kasteelvalkenburg.nl and www.fluweelengrot.nl.
Phone: **31-(0)43-609 0110m, Fax: **31-(0)43-609 0114

valkenb.jpgThere is a spa right in Valkenburg, "Thermae 2000" , with a beauty farm.
See "Thermae 2000" for a sparkling 4 language web-site!

There is a Coal Mine Museum made into the hills... near the centre of town.
On the Daalhemerweg 31 - http://www.steenkolenmijn.nl

Also in the so-called "caves" there is the Gemeentegrot Valkenburg. Offering an interesting tour in a small train through the tunnels in the hill. Includes even an art gallery and remains of "caves" from Roman times. Nuclear shelter too!! On Cauberg 4 - Phone: **31-(0)43-601-2271

Those enjoying rides with steam powered historical trains... the Z.L.S.M. translated: The South Limburg Steamtrain Company... offers tours during the summer season from April till October. They track is between Schin op Geul and Kerkrade.. The Z.L.S.M. is based in Simpelveld. Address: Stationsstraat 20, and can be contacted via www.miljoenenlijn.nl

In the evening you may choose to go to "Holland Casino" in Valkenburg.
See http://www.hollandcasino.nl
"Vestigingen" and choose "Valkenburg" There is a button for English language.

In and around Valkenburg there are various attractions to visit. On foot, on bike and by car. Various old castles, some in full glory, others as ruins (like the one on top of the hill right in the middle of town..)

Here is a selection of activities outside of Valkenburg:

In Maastricht there is the famous Bonnefantenmuseum. Old masters and contemporary art. Located on the banks of the river Maas and being one of the most prominent landmarks because of its architecture.

Address: Avenue Céramique 250 - Maastricht
Phone: **31-(0)43-329 0190 fax: **31-(0)43-329 0199
web-site: http://www.bonnefanten.nl/ and e-mail: info@bonnefanten.nl

Also in Maastricht there is the Natural History Museum. Quite interesting and where various aspects of past and now-a-days nature are explained. A famous dinosaur skeleton was discovered in the region back in 1770. The Mosasaurus hoffmani. Now in Paris. Recently another one was discovered and is on display. In a special building, the Mosaleum.

Address: De Bosquetplein 7 - Maastricht
Phone: **31-(0)43-350 5
490 fax: **31-(0)43-350 5475
web-site: http://www.nhmmaastricht.nl/ and e-mail mail@nhmmaastricht.nl

In Maastricht there are also walking routes to make an interesting tour and see lots of interesting things. One is on the East bank of the river Maas, that part of town is called "Wyck". The other is at the West bank of the river called "Maastricht". Both parts are connected by the old Roman bridge. The brochures for these are issues of the Maastricht Tourist info.

Going in the other direction, there is the old and interesting city of Aachen in Germany, just over the border and only some 30 minutes away. You can go there by train via Heerlen e.g. Many nice shops too…Also you can visit the zoo of the city of Aachen, the "Aachener Tierpark" Not a large zoo, but a nice one for a break.

Address: Obere Driimbornstrasse 44 - Aachen - Germany
**49-(0)241-59385 fax: **49-(0)241-572696
http.www.aachener-tierpark.de/ and e-mail kontakt@euregiozoo.de

Really worth a visit is the theme-park "Mondo Verde" (green world in Italian) in Landgraaf, not too far away either. In the other direction however, Heerlen... A fantastic park. Lots of flowers, plants and trees. Modern art. With a lot of effort and success various buildings were made in various styles of the world. Some famous architecture of the world was imitated there."See the world in one day" is their slogan. If you like to relax and see interesting things, go there.

Address: Groene Wereld 10 (Einsteinstraat)  - Landgraaf
Phone: **31-(0)45-535 0161 fax: **31-(0)45-535 5017
web-site: http://www.wereldtuinenmondoverde.nl/ and e-mail info@mondo-verde.nl

Not that long ago a new and modern zoo was opened nearby. Many animals being kept there according the lataest standard of zoo keeping. In Landgraaf (Kerkrade) this is, direction of Aachen. Called "GaiaPark The Dinodome will be open too. "Must be fun for the kids...

Address: Dentgenbachweg 105 - Landgraaf (Kerkrade)
Phone: **31-(0)45-5676070
web-site: http://www.gaiapark.nl/

Bring your skis! - If you love wintersports you can enjoy yourself at "Snowworld Landgraaf". An all year round in-door snowslope with a lot of fun available. It's also located in Landgraaf not too far away from Valkenburg if you come with your car.."break-a-leg!"

Address: Paralellstraat 21 - Landgraaf
Phone: **31-(0)45-54 70 700 fax: **31-(0)45-54 70 777
web-site: http://www.snowworld.nl/ and e-mail: landgraaf@snowworld.nl

Close to Landgraaf there is an attraction of a totally different kind. An industrial museum formerly called the "Industrion", now "Continium". Many aspects of industrialisation over a period of appr. one and a half century can be seen there. Lots of things to touch and do as well.

Address: Museumplein 2 - Kerkrade
Phone: **31-(0)45-567 08709 fax: **31-(0)45-546 3848
web-site: http://www.continium.nl/and e-mail : info@continium.nl

For those interested in real old history and architecture, there is the Roman Bath Museum, going 2000 years back in time! In the Thermenmuseum in Heerlen... "Coriovallum" is the Roman name for Heerlen. The museum is some 15 KM from Valkenburg and near the Landgraaf attractions as well.

Address: Coriovallumsttraat 9 - Heerlen
Phone: **31-(0)45-560 5100 
web-site: http://www.thermenmuseum.nl

If you want to visit an old castle surrounded by water, Hoensbroek Castle is the place to go. Not to far away from Valkenburg also. "Kasteel Hoensbroek" as we call it, has aspects of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Baroque and is ready for the 21st century too. 40 castle rooms tovisit, medieval tower, and lots of fun for the kids too.

(Unfortunately it is too small now for this papermoney event. In my younger days I went there when coin fairs took place there.)

Address: Klinkertstraat 118 - Hoensbroek
Phone: **31-(0)45-522 7272 fax: **31-(0)45-521 1427
web-site: http://www.kasteelhoensbroek.nl/ and e-mail museum@kasteelhoensbroek.nl

Going West over the border you can go to Hasselt in Belgium. In Hasselt - in flemish Belgium, close to Maastricht and easy to get to by car, but complicated to get to by public transport too however, there is the National Jenever (Gin) Museum.. All about the famous Belgian gin. Located in a very cosy small and old historic town too, also with a nice old square and old streets. There is a flee-market too.

Address: Witte Nonnenstraat 19 - Hasselt- Belgium
Phone: **32-(0)11-241 144 fax: **32-(0)11-211 050
web-site: http://www.jenevermuseum.be/ and e-mail jenevermuseum@hasselt.be

Also in Hasselt - you will find the "Stedelijk Mode Museum" the "Fashion Museum" about clothing and fashion over the ages... May be nice on a rainy day or so.

Address: Gasthuisstraat 11- Hasselt- Belgium
Phone: **32-(0)11-239 621 fax: **32-(0)11-221066
web-site: http://www.modemuseumhasselt.be/ and e-mail modemuseum@hasselt.be

For the thirsty ones ... there is a Winecastle, calling itself the "No1 Winery in the BeNeLux" (=Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg).. This is in the small town/village of Riemst, between Maastricht and Hasselt. Guided tours by appointment, wineshop... 

Address: Kasteelstraat 9 - Riemst- Belgium
Phone: **32-(0)12-391349
web-site: http://www.wijnkasteel.com

In Maaseik - also in flemish Belgium, not too far from Valkenburg by car, but complicated to get to by public transport however, there is the Museactron. An interesting museum about the local history located in a very cosy small and old historic town, with a nice old square and many even cosier small restaurants and cafés mostly around that square..

Address: Lekkerstraat 5 - Maaseik- Belgium
Phone: **32-(0)89-566 890 fax: **32-(0)89-560 561
web-site: http://www.maaseik.be/ and e-mail under musea@maaseik.be

Liege - in french Belgium, south of the border this time, not to far from Valkenburg by car, and also accesable by public transport, you will find many old houses and streets. There are many activities. Including a flee-market. You may contact the Touristbureau: office.tourisme@liege.be

Always check opening times before leaving for a chosen museum, park etc...
Some of them are not open all year...
I am not to be held responsible for the correctness of all info.
I do my best to give the correct info, but changes are always possible and are beyond my control.

For any some more information please go to:
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