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About "Polfermolen"-hall and the 3 big rooms


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The "Polfermolen"- hall actually is a pretty modern building, just off the small and pittoresk town center of Valkenburg.
It now also has wireless LAN/ADSL access for participants of the bourse.
With a huge parking lot and on a 10 minute walking distance from the Valkenburg train station.

Almost all hotels and restaurants in Valkenburg are nearby and can be reached easily by walking a few minutes.


The "Polfermolen"- hall has been built for various purposes - let's call it an events building:
It holds a large sports hall, theatre hall, fitness hall, swimming hall, small meeting room, bar and restaurant and a big foyer.

Polfermolen ak 7.JPG

The PaperMoneyFairs in Valkenburg are the biggest events held there over the year...
These events are normally being held in the sports hall, theatre hall and the foyer that connects both...
In April that is. In September (so far) only the sports hall.

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