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OF THE (APRIL) PaperMoneyFair - Maastricht.

To commemorate that fact 4 series of postage stamps were issued by the postal authorities of Surinam, St.Maarten, Curacao and Aruba.
These were issued in April 2011.

e.g. the Surinam series of 12 stamps :
It is showing banknotes (what else?) being 12x various world banknotes :

Malaysia, Tuvalu, Nepal, Samoa, Oman, French Polynesia, Gibraltar, Bhutan, Tonga, Argentina and Iceland...
Including a Surinam postage stamp issued many years ago, that stamp is depicting a Surinam banknote.
A very original idea of the designer(s) 5 more notes depicted between the 2 series of 12 stamps...

text continued under the picture of the stamps...

Suriname Stamp- paper money.JPG

You do not need to travel to Surinam, St.Maarten, Curacao or Aruba to buy them at the Post Office counter... 
(However these ARE nice holiday destinations !!)
These stamps will be offered for sale also during the next April 2012 PaperMoneyFair - Maastricht, as a souvenir of the event
or as a start of a new collection of postage stamps depicting banknotes maybe ??.

For your info: There are only about 180 different stamps issued (worldwide !) since 1952 (older ones do not exist) which also do depict banknotes...
Makes an interesting collection, but these are not not easy to find...

By this issue we might attract stamp collectors to our hobby too.. don't you think?

Questions? Contact me please.

Aruba Stamp - paper money.JPG
PZ 25th anniversary Curacao.jpg
PZ 25th anniversary St.Maarten.jpg

FDC Suriname.jpg

FDC St.Maarten en Aruba.jpg

FDC Curacao.jpg